Save a bear


At Dell’Ugo, we’re committed to our natural environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help save one of Italy’s most iconic animals – the Marsican brown bear. A subspecies of the European brown bear, there are just 60 Marsican brown bears remaining, living just two hours outside of Rome. We have committed to supporting Salviamo l'Orso, an NGO based in Abruzzo, Italy; and for every Dell’Ugo product sold that contains the special bear sticker, we’re donating a significant percentage to efforts to save the bear from extinction.

Not only can you donate directly to the initiative via the button below, but you can also help to save the Marsican brown bear from extinction by purchasing a pack of Dell’Ugo pasta, containing the special sticker! 

Proud to partner with The European Nature Trust and Salviamo l’Orso

Through our partnership with The European Nature Trust – a grant-making organisation raising funds and awareness for European nature – we’ll be contributing to Salviamo l’Orso. This non-profit, volunteer-led association is working to save the Marsican brown bear from extinction and expand their habitats beyond the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, the only region the bears still exist. With our support, we can create a healthy bear population across more of the Apennines, which will improve the condition of the forest and grassland habitats, sustaining a healthy natural environment.

About our chosen charity:
Salviamo l'Orso is a small, volunteer-led organisation making a big difference. They are working in ‘corridor’ areas to improve the condition of the habitat and reduce threats, so that bears can more freely move into new territories. With strong links to the community, they are helping people live alongside the bears, building what have now been called ‘bear-smart communities’.

Salviamo l’Orso’s actions for the bear:
• Improving bear habitat by planting native fruit trees. This also promotes pollinator diversity, which leads to the regeneration of even more native plants and trees.
• Creating connected bear habitats between protected areas: a network of ‘wildlife corridors’ that allow bears to travel across valleys and urban areas.
• Reducing and preventing conflicts between humans and wildlife, as well as educating local people on how to coexist with the bear – dubbed ‘Bear Smart Communities’.
• Preventing the bears from getting injured by removing barbed wire left over from old agricultural sites.
• Distributing bear-proof waste bins.
• Combating the threat of road collisions by installing wildlife warning reflectors on road surfaces.
• A canine vaccination programme to reduce the spread of potentially harmful diseases.


As a 4th generation, family-run business rooted in Italian heritage, we are tremendously passionate about sustainability practices. We care deeply about Italy, its culture, and its environment, all of which are intrinsically linked to nature. We have worked with Italian businesses and farmers for over 90 years, who rely on healthy, wild nature for their crops to thrive – we feel it is our duty to help protect those who have given us so much.
The Ugo family have a close relationship with The European Nature Trust. Through this connection we have gained an in-depth understanding of the importance and the effectiveness that protecting nature can have. We feel it is our time to lend a hand to the amazing work done by passionate conservationists in Italy. 

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Watch Path of the Bear - An amazing film by Wildlife Media, featuring bear expert Chris Morgan on his journey around Abruzzo. (Password = POTBWM23)